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Area Events and Recreation Humboldt County, CA

Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum

If you would like to learn about Humboldt County’s history, the Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum is a great place to start. This museum is filled with artifacts dating back to the 1850’s, including actual wreckage salvaged from over 40 ships and fishing boats that sank in and around the harbor entrance. The museum even offers tours around the bay on a 1910 passenger ferry named The M.V. Madaket, which is the last of the seven original Humboldt County ferries.

For more information, call (707) 444-9440 or visit:

Fort Humboldt State Historic Park

Located just outside of Eureka is the Fort Humboldt State Historic Park. This park is great for not only history buffs, but for anyone who loves the outdoors. Before being turned into a state park in 1955, this historic site was originally used as the headquarters for the Humboldt Military District. Today the park has undergone many renovations, which have brought life back to its original buildings that are now being used as museums and exhibits.

For more information, call (707) 445-6567 or visit:

Victorian Village of Ferndale

A visit to the Victorian Village of Ferndale is like strolling through the past. The entire Main Street has been designated a National Register Historic District due to its finely preserved commercial and residential buildings. Fernbridge connects Ferndale with the rest of the county. Built in 1911, the bridge is a Civil Engineering Historic Landmark. Ferndale is nestled against coastal hills and near the Eel River. Rich bottom land provides plentiful grass for the area’s thriving dairy industry, which has sustained the community since the late 1800s. The ornate homes built by successful dairy farmers became known as “butterfat palaces.” The town has a fascinating array of specialty shops, restaurants, bakeries, galleries and inns, as well as a market, tavern and dry goods store. Locals seem to like Ferndale as much as tourists and are usually glad to recommend a place to eat or a sight to see.

The Ferndale Museum shows visitors the clothing, furniture, farm machinery, logging tools and photographs of the town’s earlier days. It is located on Shaw Street, just off Main.

The Sequoia Park Zoo

Since 1907, The Sequoia Park Zoo has been one of Humboldt County’s main attractions. Located just walking distance from downtown Cutten, this park features dozens of magnificent animals from all over the world as well as local wildlife. There is also a petting zoo and a wide variety of playground equipment that will keep the kids busy for hours.

For more information, call (707) 442-6552 or visit:

Avenue of the Giants

World Famous 31 mile stretch, 2 lane road that winds through stands of huge redwoods along the Eel River. Located alongside Highway 101 is The Avenue of the Giants. This 31-mile route is known for its beautiful scenery and dozens of walking trials, as well as its almost “indestructible” redwood trees which have survived countless floods, fires, and decades logging. It is also home to The Shrine Drive-Thru Tree, a 2,500-year-old tree house, and the Immortal tree, which unlike many typical trees has managed to survive being struck by lightning, set on fire, and flooding. Humboldt Redwoods State Park is located along the Avenue and covers more than 51,000 acres.

Campgrounds along the Avenue of the Giants
Hamilton Barn Environmental Campground
Baxter Environmental Campground
Albee Creek Campground
Cuneo Creek Horse Camp
California Federation of Womens Clubs Grove Campground
Marin Garden Club Grove Campground
Burlington Campground
Williams Grove Group Campground
Hidden Springs Campground

For more information call (800) 346-3482 or visit:

Six Rivers National Forest

Six Rivers National Forest Headquarters in Eureka – 707-442-1721
Nearly 1 million acres. Stretches southward from the Oregon border for over 140 miles, 4 different counties, largest portion is in Humboldt County. Ruggesd mountains, stands of redwoods and grasslands.
Elevation ranges from sea level to 7,000 ft.
Fishing for trout, steelhead and salmon.
Fishing, whitewater rafting and kayaking.
Park entrances are along Hwy 199, Hwy 96, Hwy 36 and Hwy 299 – all run thru the Six Rivers National Forest – Hwy 101 runs parallel.

Richardson Grove State Park

One of the oldest state parks in California is Richardson Grove State Park which is also the location for the first redwoods spotted by Northbound travelers. Richardson Grove State Park is 2000 acres of redwoods located 9 miles south of Garberville.

Performing Arts

When discovering Humboldt County’s performing arts scene you will find an assortment of theater and dance performances, many types of live music, and even a stand-up comic or two. Humboldt’s performing arts is a great way to spend time with friends and family while taking in some of the North Coast’s eclectic culture.

The Arkley Center for the Performing Arts
For more information, call (707) 442-1956 or visit:

North Coast Dance
For more information, call (707) 442-7779 or visit:

Ferndale Repertory Theater
For more information, call (707) 442-1956 or visit:

For more information, call 707-826-4411 or visit:

For more information, call (707) 668-5663 or visit:

Humboldt Folklife Society
For more information, call or visit:

The Humboldt Light Opera Company
For more information, call (707) 445-4310 or visit:

The Mateel Community Center
For more information, call (707) 923-3368 or visit:

The North Coast Repertory Theatre
For more information, call (707) 442-NCRT (6278) or visit:


If you are feeling lucky and want to play a few hands of poker, Humboldt County has you covered. There are multiple casinos spread throughout the county that can meet all of your gambling and entertainment needs, and the best part is you don’t have to fly all the way to Las Vegas.

Bear River Casino
For more information, call (800) 761-BEAR (2327) or visit:

Blue Lake Casino
For more information, call (877) BLC-2WIN (252-2946) or visit:

Cher-Ae Heights
For more information, call (800) 684-2464 or visit:

Farmers Markets

Thanks to great weather and plentiful bay, Humboldt County is a great place to purchase local produce, taste the catch of the day, and support the community. These farmers markets are also a great place to relax and listen to live music and shop for local art.

Henderson Center Farmers Market
Henderson Center, F St. between Henderson & Russ
Arcata, CA 95518
(707) 441-9999

Arcata Plaza Farmers Market
Arcata Farmers Market, Eureka Farmers Market, McKinleyville Farmers Market.
For information, call (707) 441-9999 or visit:

Ferndale Farmers Market
Ferndale Farmers Market, Miranda Farmers Market, Shelter Cove Farmers Market
Garberville Farmers Market
For information, call (707) 986-7230

Rio Dell Saturday Farmers Market
For information, call (707) 764-3436

Trinidad Farmers Market
For information, call (707) 834-8720

Willow Creek Farmers Market
For information, call (530) 629-3488

Arcata Tuesday and Friday Potawot Farmers Market
For information, call (707) 825-4098

Fortuna Farmers Market
For information, call (707) 722-4330

Rio Dell Farmers Market
For information, call (707) 764-5239


Humboldt County coast is filled with many distinctive beaches. Whether you are in the mood to do some surfing or want to have the perfect family outing, there are many beautiful beaches to choose from. There are dozens of great places to fish, swim, bird watch, and soak up the sun.
For more information, call (707) 445-7651 or visit:

Humboldt Crabs

Humboldt County, Arcata to be exact, is the proud home of the semi-professional Humboldt Crabs. Although they are a small-town team, they do a great job of creating big city flare. They are a kid-friendly team so watching them is always going to be a good way to spend the sunny summer afternoons with the family.

For more information, call (707) 826-2333 or visit:

Wineries of Humboldt County

Enjoying a glass of vino can be fun, but learning how that wine came to be is a whole other experience. There are dozens of artisan wineries scattered throughout Humboldt County, many of which grow, harvest, and ferment their own grapes. These wineries are the perfect place to enjoy a great local treat while expanding your mind.

Briceland Vineyards Winery
For more information call, (707) 923-2429

Cabot Vineyards
For more information call, (530) 469-3397

Carter Cellars
For more information call, (707) 445-0311

Curtis & David Winery
For more information call, (707) 822-5633

Dogwood Estate Winery
For more information call, (530) 629-2191

Elk Prairie Vineyard
For more information call, (707) 943-34980

Fieldbrook Winery
For more information call, (707) 839-4140

Frog Alley Cellars
For more information call, (707) 786-4353

Levenpence Cellars
For more information call, (707) 839-2709

Lost Coast Vineyards
For more information call, (707) 629-3671

Moonstone Crossing Winery
For more information call, (707) 677-3832

Old Growth Cellars
For more information call, (707) 444-2333

Riverbend Cellars
For more information call, (707) 943-9907

Rocky’s Ridge Vineyard
For more information call, (707) 601-0899

Robert Goodman Wines
For more information call, (707) 826-9463

Rosina Vineyard
For more information call, (707) 498-1306

Sentinel Winery
For more information call, (530) 629-2338

Whitethorn Winery
For more information call, (707) 986-1642

Winnett Vineyards
For more information call, (707) 629-3478


Each year Humboldt County hosts several rodeos known for being fun for the whole family. Between the cook-offs, horse shows, and children’s games, these events always have a little something for everybody. You will be amazed at the wide variety of children’s games and activities that these rodeos have to offer.

Redwood Acres Fair and Rodeo (Eureka)
For more information, call (707) 445-3037

Fortuna Redwood Rodeo
For information, call (707) 725-3959

Willits Frontier Days
For more information, call (707) 459-6330

The Orick Rodeo
For more information, call (707) 488-2885


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