Enjoying an active real estate market year round, however, sellers often overlook the holiday season as a great time to market their home. Following are several reasons why this time of the year may be the right time for you to sell.

1. Buyers who look for a house during the holidays are generally more serious, motivated and have more time to look!

2. There are fewer homes on the market during the holidays, therefore, less competition for your property.

3. Houses look their best decorated for the holiday season and neighborhoods are more festive and attractive.

4. Potential buyers may want to take advantage of tax deductible closing costs by completing the sale before year end.

5. For buyers with children, purchasing a home and getting settled before school resumes in January is the next best alternative to moving during the summer months.

6. January is traditionally the month for many company transfers and transferees can’t wait until spring to buy. Your home must be on the market to capture those buyers.

Although buyers are motivated during the holidays they usually are also very understanding. Sellers may still restrict showings during personal family events. Buyers may accommodate an early closing with a rent back or extended occupancy allowing the seller to stay in the property until after the holidays are over. When marketing your house during the holiday season, you may have fewer actual showings, but the buyers may be more qualified and motivated. Sellers will have less competition, possibly resulting in a quicker sale and higher sales price.