Let’s be honest. We all can stand to benefit from a little Zen inspiration in our lives. Our everyday activities can overwhelm and slow us down causing many to burn out. But adding a little serenity to your life (and home) can make a huge difference in how you think and feel.

Today we’re featuring a home from ColdwellBanker.com that truly doubles as a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. Not only is its inside fabulous, but its outdoor living area is really a work of art. Check out the photos below.

Embrace Nature

Plants are known to promote a calming affect. Be sure to include them in every space you can. I personally have them all throughout my home, in my room, and on my desk at work.

Keep your Color Scheme Neutral

Light colors are thought to have healing and relaxing properties. So a neutral color pallet, like the one you see here, is perfect for helping to bring out your inner Zen. Water is also a representative of emotions of fluidity and adaptability.

Make use of Natural Resources 

We’ve learned that optimizing Zen teaching means embracing nature. Implement any and all (if possible) of the five elements, also known as Wu Xing, into your personal space. Here, wood is being utilized beautifully. Wood is said to symbolize vitality.

Simplify your Furniture and Decor

The simple and light colored furniture in the photo are great for taking time to sit and meditate (or just relax). Try going for simple and no-fuss decor. A Zen home or lifestyle is all about minimizing distractions.