Welcome to Humboldt County, CA

Majestic Redwoods

California’s Picturesque and Rugged North Coast

Humboldt County Continues to Live its Rich and Diverse History.

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About Humboldt County, CA

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Parks such as Redwood National Park and the Avenue of the Giants are known for housing some of the world’s oldest and tallest trees.

Located about 200 miles North of San Francisco, Humboldt County is positioned directly between Humboldt Bay and many well-known national and state parks. There are hundreds of miles of distinct walking trails throughout the county, many of which lead you directly through prehistoric-looking forests around the Humboldt Bay Coast.

Parks such as Redwood National Park and the Avenue of the Giants are known for housing some of the world’s oldest and tallest trees. These old-growth redwoods are famous for living over 2000 years and growing up to 360 feet tall. Other than the redwoods, the forests are comprised of many different species of trees such as Douglas Firs, Spruce and Hemlock. There is also a substantial amount of prairie land throughout the county.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, Humboldt County is known for its eclectic shopping districts, exciting art galleries and celebrated eats.  There are also many must-see attractions such as the Ferndale and Trinidad Museums. These timeless institutions are known for bringing the 1900’s to life by dedicating various exhibits to the counties magnificent Victorian heritage. Everywhere you look you will find something to inspire you.

Family Fun
As you may have guessed, Humboldt County is filled with tons of fun family activities. These activities range from fishing, hiking, camping and boating, to many other forms of exciting outdoor entertainment. The 100-mile coastline is a great place to start when in search of a great public beach to spend time with the family. Whether you are walking, biking or horseback riding, Humboldt County is a great place to relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Northern California coastline.


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